It's finally here! Halloween is one of my favourite times of year; the build up, the movies, the dressing up, the sheer delight on kids faces when you react to their scary costumes, and of course the Lush Halloween range is always a big deal! Last year was my first seasonal launch with the company and it was surreal. I'd always adored the Christmas products growing up, and seeing what amazing ideas they'd bring to the shops year after year. Now I work for Lush I'm lucky enough to get a first hand sneak peak at all things magical and let me tell you, it doesn't dull the shine.


 Originally I was going to do a post on the Lush Creative Showcase that I was lucky enough to be invited to, however after working and working on the post I just couldn't seem to get across what I wanted to say. I also want to be a tad selfish and keep all the memories to myself y'know? All I'll say is that it was spectacular, magical and hot- very, very hot! I got to meet cruelty-free and vegan YouTuber Kiera Rose which was so incredibly awesome and I also got to meet some awesome people who work for Lush all over the world. So I've included a few photos here for you all to see of the Showcase and some sneaky peaks at the Christmas range too!


This year Lush decided that the elusive Halloween &  Christmas ranges deserved their own moments in the spotlight, hence the separate launch dates. I love this idea as I feel that Halloween is quite brushed over and doesn't get half as much love as it should do. So here are my reviews of the 2016 Halloween range, all of which are Vegan, Cruelty Free and preservative free!

First up we have the adorable Boo Bath Melt. This little critter is an ode to the Ginger family scent, which long-standing Lushies will immediately recognise. The cocoa butter shell keeps it a solid shape, trapping heaps of ginger, mimosa and sandalwood oil in-between. A cool little fact is that this actually is part bubble bar! Boo is a combination of cocoa butter and cream of tartar, the main ingredient in all bubble bars. So if you'd rather let it melt away or crumble it in the bath, I'm sure you'll love this little beaut.

I LOVE this bath bomb. Seriously I think they missed a trick and should've called it the Pumpkin King because HELLO JACK SKELETON MUCH? The Pumpkin Bath Bomb is an adorable little fizzer that turns your bath into a gorgeous burnt orange, autumnal haven. Is it strange to say that is smells fizzy? But in the bath, you get a heavier scent from the vanilla absolute and spicy cinnamon that I can only imagine smells like a pumpkin pie.

YES. THIS. I was so excited to finally get my hands on this. Does anyone remember a few months back when Jack Constantine shared a photo of a few secret things they were working on? Anyway, the Monsters Ball Bath Bomb featured right in the corner of that very photo and I'm so glad it turned into a finished product because LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS! Inspired by the one and only Mike Wasowski, with a cocoa butter eye, this little critter again plays homage to another past lush Scent- Calacas! The main scent of this beauty is the Lime and Neroli oil that make this such a happy smelling bath bomb. Plus it looks beautiful- very much like the Twilight bath bomb when it's fizzing away!

Sparkly Pumpkin. Oh how happy I am to see you again! This year the bubble bar is bigger and brighter and better than ever. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't a fan of this last year. The colour, the scent: it was all a bit meh. But I feel like they've supercharged it this year and loaded it with Juniperberry, Lime and Grapefruit oil, and it is definitely got more WOW factor in the water. SO, MUCH. GLITTER!

Another new addition to the range is the Magic Wand soap. To me it smells like a mix of the Miranda soap and Sexy Peel, but to past Lushies they'll recognise the scent of Angels Delight soap from years ago. It's a funny little concoction with the outside made up of charcoal from Dorset which makes for a slightly scrubby half. This is already one of my favourite soaps and I know I'll be buying a lot more.

Last but not least is the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb. I believe this is its 3rd Christmas now, and I don't ever want it to leave. This is one of mine and Ryan's favourite scents, I love the perfume, the shower gel and the Rough With The Smooth scrub which all share this gloriously spicy and sweet scent. I'm a big lover of patchouli anything, but mixed with vanilla absolute and black pepper oil just makes this little babe even better. Safe to say that this is probably the bath bomb I'm most excited for every Christmas.

Just putting it out there that this isn't the entire range. As I was writing this I realised that I forgot to buy the Autumn Leaf bath bomb! I didn't buy every single item as the Lord of Misrule shower cream I already have 2x500ml bottles so I don't think I *need* any more just yet, the 2 other knot wraps, the Fireside soap and the Goth Fairy shimmer bar are all things I just know I won't use. I loved all items in the range, especially Goth Fairy as it truly is a beautiful and unique scent but I'm actually not a *glitter* person outside of my Lush persona, so I didn't see the point in buying something that someone else could enjoy. 

I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what your favourite product is so far! Don't forget that Christmas launches on the 1st October so keep an eye out for my next review! Much love!

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  1. I've never been to Lush! What are some
    must-have products? No bath bombs...I don't have a tub:(