Is it too early to say Merry Christmas? 
Either way I'm glad you're here because that means one thing, LUSH HAS RELEASED THEIR CHRISTMAS RANGE! If you've read my previous post then you'll know just how excited I get for the new launches every year. This year is no different, and with 21 brand, spanking, new products: there is much to be excited about. As with my previous post, there were a few releases that i'm either not a fan of, won't use, or already have loads left over from last year! I will also be separating this into 2 posts (Bath & Body) as I think that either my hand may cramp up if I write this all at once, or you guys will be fast asleep half way through...

I may be a tad eager but when I sat down to write this I had just experienced a wonderfully relaxing bath, courtesy of some gems from the new range. I also had a vegan hot chocolate in one hand, and a Christmas/Halloween playlist on in the background so I urge you to do the same as this is a loooooooooooooong one. Enjoy!

STAR DUST (£2.95)
First up we have, Bath. Some of these beauties are returning favourites, that have been re-modelled into better versions so you may not recognise them! This is one of them! Stardust has changed slightly but I really appreciate the slightly rounder edges of the points this year (what an odd string of words!) Stardust Bath Bomb features a beautifully fragrant blend of Vanilla Absolute, fine sea salt, and bergamot oil to uplift you in an instance. It features the same deep blue middle inside that we know and love and when fizzing, releases an adorable mixture of multicoloured glitter stars. Perfect for any time of the year!

Northern Lights. Who remembers this bad boy? I only ever used this once back when it first hit the shelves a few years ago. I bought this as a present for someone else as I wasn't a fan of the scent then, and I'm still not BUT if you love jasmine and ylang ylang oil then this is the bath bomb for you. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautifully concocted fizzer in the tub and to me it's almost as if it's The Experimenters' eccentric twin sister coming home for Christmas! (OK so I have a really bad habit of referring to bath bombs as "people" you'll get used to it)

I could sniff this bath bomb
No joke, it smells bloody delicious, and shares the same scent as last years' Celebrate body lotion (RIP I miss ya bud) thanks to the mildly intoxicating Cognac oil- don't worry, there is an alcohol free version! It also actually contains miniature bath bombs so when you shake the bath bomb, it rattles just like a kids Christmas present!

Snow Fairy fans rejoice! This is one of 6, YES SIX, of the SF scent family releases this year. Turning from a vibrant red to a shocking green this little babe is a gorgeous mix of colours. Who says red and green don't go together? Although the SF scent is a synthetic musk fragrance, this ballistic  contains gardenia extract which can be used to treat irritated skin, so this might be a nice one to try if you feel like you "can't" use Lush products.

I loved this as soon as I saw it. Never mind that it's inspired by an iconic Sex Pistols album, its also pretty much a cocoa butter bath bomb. Who doesn't want to feel moisturised head to toe? The fresh banana and organic cocoa butter take care of the moisturising aspect whilst the olibanum and sweet wild orange oil aim to uplift and enchant you as you watch this little gem swirl, dance and shimmy it's way around your bath tub.

Lush really know what they're doing sometimes. Moisture is something we all lack when it comes to the winter months and this beauty takes it to a whole 'nother level. Part bath bomb and part bath melt, this gorgeous, rose infused, glittering creation slowly dissolves making your bath luxuriously creamy and enchanting.

VEGANS REJOICE! A "honey" bath bomb, without the honey! I'm so happy to see this finally become a thing. With the departure of Honey Bee from the AYR range, this has been a welcome addition to the festive season. Again, with the moisturising cocoa butter bath melts, it's almost as if Lush wants us to take care of our skin? Shoot For The Stars encases 5 shimmering star shaped bath melts, designed to soften and soothe our winter skin with the help of coconut cream and organic cocoa butter!

SO WHITE (£3.75)
I am so, so, soooo unbelievably happy to see this baby again. I'm a huge fan of the So White scent family, and I'm praying for it to be released as a limited edition perfume during Perfume Week later on in the year! Like I mentioned earlier a lot of this years rage has been re-designed, and this beauty has undergone a complete overhaul! The new white design features a tiny green leaf on a stem, an ode to the bright colour that hides beneath. 

(So I've actually already used my ButterBear. I was far too eager I apologise!) But how could I write a Lush haul without featuring this critter. ButterBear is the Christmas version of Butterball. I like to think that were ButterBear a real critter, he would have worked really hard to keep his lean figure all year round, and as soon as Christmas has been and gone he realises he;s eaten far too much and turns into a big ball for the next few months. (Just something fun I thought of during our Christmas training as a way to explain it to little children looking for good ol' ButterBall) This guy needs no faffing, or glitter, just good ol' cocoa butter to soothe your skin.

I'm a sucker for anything cute, and it definitely helps that he shares the same scent as my all time favourite Yummy Mummy shower cream. With vegan chocolate chips for eyes, he melts your heart! And see that white wedge of cocoa butter? That literally melts into your skin in the tub and I kid you not, I have never felt anything quite as gorgeous as this.

I'm not gonna lie, when I received my training notes a few weeks ago on the new products, I did shed a little tear. An ode to the main man himself, this beautiful bubble bar features the iconic Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt and needs no other words.

Again, this is another Vegan product featuring the beautifully fragrant Honey I Washed The Kids scent. Although this does go an odd apple-juice-green colour when swished around the bath tub, the honey and bergamot smell lingers and smells incredible on the skin. I also saw a GIGANTIC version of this at the Creative Showcase.

Add caption
I wasn't kidding!

What's this? What's this? This my friends, is Christmas. Mulled wine, hot apple cider, Christmas markets, Christmas baking and cinnamon galore. To me, this is Christmas in a bath. Anyone who knows me knows that I simply adore Christmas, and every time I smell this gem I get so giddy at the thought of it being less than 3 months away! Featuring a star anise in the middle of the reusable bubble wand, and sitting a-top a cinnamon stick, the cinnamon, orange and almond oil join together to remind me of all things festive. If you love Christmas, this is the only thing you need to get you in the spirit.

I'm always a huge fan of the FUN bars, not only because of the reason behind the creation, but because it is so versatile. I use mine to wash my hair, shave my legs, as bubble bath, to wash myself and sometimes in a pinch, to wash my clothes with! The spicy cinnamon and warming clove oil again reminds me of Christmas in 'warm cider on a chilly day' kinda sense.This was the only one out of the new FUN releases that I was really drawn to. I love Snow Fairy, but I already have the shower gel, the cola scent from the Santa bar just wasn't for me, and the Reindeer & Robin (much like Northern Lights) is a scent I'm not a huge lover of but please don't let any of my opinions sway you and make sure to try them out for yourself in the store first!

So that was Part 1! You can find the entire Seasonal range here so be sure to take a look for yourselves as I have missed a few bath products out for reasons stated above. And don't forget to pop into your local Lush store and try everything out as we really do love this time of year and getting to show you everything is half the fun of the job!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Have you managed to try any of these yet, or did any of your past favourites make a return this year? Let me know in the comments! Until next time!



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  1. Oh my god! So many beautiful things :) I love Lush! I almost picked up the Butterbear :) x